Facts About Workplace Violence

  • Third leading cause of death for all workers
  • Leading cause of workplace death for women.
  • 15 people/wk murdered a week
  • Includes robbery, rape, and simple and aggravated assault.
  • Robbery is a primary motive
  • Disgruntled workers /clients 
  • Domestic violence spills into workplace
  • Guns are most frequently used weapon
  • Nearly 1 million victims annually.
  • Accounts for 15% of the violence experienced by US residents.
  • Those who deal with the public are the most affected.
  • Employees are twice as likely to be attacked by customers as by co-workers.
  • 20% of workplace violence is perpetrated by co-workers.
  • 1,751,100 workdays are lost yearly
  • Over $55 million in lost wages annually
  • 16% of workplace violence results in physical injuries
  • Over half of all workplace violence is not reported to police

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