Myths about rape

  • Only "that kind of woman" gets raped.

  • She must really have been asking for it.

  • Women secretly want to be raped. After all, they fantasize about it.

  • I'm too old/ugly to have to worry about being raped.

  • A woman doesn't have to worry about rape if she behaves herself.

  • Lie back and enjoy it -- it's only sex.

  • Rape is a sex crime

  • Rape is an act of unpremeditated passion.

  • Rape is the result of men's uncontrollably strong sex drive.

  • A rape victim is only a prostitute who didn't get paid.

  • A rape victim is a woman who changed her mind afterwards.

  • Many rape reports are false.

  • A rapist is a stranger hiding in a dark alley.

  • Rapists are psychopaths -- completely deranged weirdoes

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