OnLine Judo
Equipment, Text, Materials
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For the course you will need a JUDO uniform (called GI). Although the Karate uniform looks the same, the JUDOGI is made to resist the pulling and tugging encountered in Judo. The GIs can be ordered either through your instructor or directly from the USJA or other martial arts store carrying them. Women should wear a white T-shirt under the Gi jacket.

A soft cushioning surface such as wrestling mats, grass, loose sand, or sawdust will be required for the falling/throwing techniques. Living room floors will not provide sufficient cushioning.

A video camera and video capture card will be required to videotape student application of the techniques and transmit the recording to the instructor.


The primary course text is the USJA Senior Student & Instructor Handbook. Other non-required texts include Best Judo and Kodokan Judo. A list of other suggested texts can be found in the Resources list.

Computer requirements

IBM or compatible (486/33 CPU minimum) with Windows or MAC or compatible with 6.05 operating system or higher, 16 megabytes RAM, 20 megabytes free hard disc space, modem with a 28.8 baud rate minimum. Software includes: Netscape Communicator or Internet Explorer 4.0, graphics sound card, Microsoft Media Player,