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The True Philosophy Of Jujitsu And All Budo.
Every student and teacher of Budo must understand that you reach only what you strive for.  Your goal determines your achievement. Therefore, strive for the ultimate! The true philosophy of Budo is simple. "In the technique the doctrine is revealed."  Therefore train, constantly train.

Admonition For Judo Students. Everywhere, in every age and time, training, preparation, and determination have been the keys to success. Success in Budo means mastery, it means accomplishing all of the goals you set for yourself in Budo, be they mental, physical, self-defense or spiritual growth.

Learn To Flow. When you are faced with a life-threatening self-defense situation, you will be, if not prepared, paralyzed by fear. Fear is nothing but a bewildered reaction of tense withdrawal from the unknown. Fear is remaining separate from the situation, refusing to flow by using your technique. How do you overcome fear? By training, with the emphasis on smooth, flowing, constant movement. There are no gimmicks, no easy, painless solutions. You must train to be ready, so that you will react properly with a powerful, reflexive, unthinking response to every attack. When you properly train yourself (no one else can do it) you will respond instantly to every self-defense situation.

Do The Repetitions! How do you achieve this unthinking effortless flow? By performing about 5,000 repetitions of each technique. Do them in 50's or 100's. Dr. Mark Girshov, a great Sambo and Judo teacher, and a producer of Olympic Medalists, scientifically determined that 5,000 repetitions (on the average) would make a technique reflexive. This training will change your character. You can do it at home or in your jujitsu club with your training partners, but you must do it. The secret is to concentrate your attention so that your Ki will flow. We will cover Ki later.

Use Constant Self-Testing. As you develop your skills you should constantly test yourself. When you complete a few thousand repetitions of several techniques, ask a training partner to attack you in any way they wish. If your defenses against specific attacks are not automatic and smooth, more repetitions of your defenses are needed.

Learn To Use "Ki" Or Vital Force. Every human being projects from his body a type of electromagnetic force. This is sometimes called the "aura," and it is possible to photograph this aura with the use of special photography.

Every student must clearly understand that ki is not a theory. It is an actual physical force which the student can learn to control and use in self-defense situations. The basis of the utilization of ki is the ability to center the mind on technique rather than on fear (a possible negative outcome). Fear is the mind killer. Fear paralyzes. It is only by becoming obsessed with, and immersed in, the technique that the student overcomes fear. Then the student will think of nothing but executing the technique, or will not think at all, and the ki will flow.

Always remember to let your ki flow as you practice. Always think that your power is limitless. Always believe that with continued practice, your skill and your power will continue to grow until you concentrate all the power of our Universe into each of your movements.

Judo should be practiced calmly and with joy. Think of every movement as part of the dance of life. Do not think of the attacker as your enemy, but rather think of his movement as something which you can accept, guide, and control. Think of the attacker as a dancer with whom you gladly and skillfully dance. The attacker is your partner in the dance of life. Become one with the attacker and execute your technique smoothly and powerfully. This is what Leggett Sensei, the great English 9th Dan, taught us at the Budokai in the 1950s. He said there was "live practice" and "dead practice." Live practice occurs when you abandon yourself totally to the technique and think of each movement as an expression of your total personality and your absolute obsession to master the technique. You must yearn for perfection. This does not mean that you execute the technique feebly. Rather, practicing in this kind of a trance gives you tremendous power and force.

Train hard, because as Todd Sensei taught us, "In the technique the doctrine is revealed." Train hard, because, "It is through training that we avoid confrontations."


This is a one credit hour course designed for a sixteen week semester in which there are fifteen weeks of learning and one week of exams. The course is unlike other physical education courses in that it incorporates affective and cognitive learning in addition to psychomotor development. There may be a temptation to eliminate the cognitive learning assignments (research and writing) but keep in mind that this is a transferable course taught at an institution of learning. As such, cognitive learning is a requirement of accrediting agencies. In addition, the research and writing assignments will help clarify what is meant by martial arts, self defense and the legal issues surrounding self defense.

The course has been carefully developed to incorporate a number of teaching and learning,  pedagogy. Each session is designed to build on previous sessions. Be sure to review the lessons of previous sessions as this will reinforce the learning and tie previously learned material to the new material to be learned. It is important to follow the sequence of instruction as it is laid out. Suggestions for changes and improvement of the course content are welcome.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments please email your instructor. 

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