The USJA JuJitsu System

This Is The First JuJitsu System Of Its Kind.

Most JuJitsu systems are the work of one outstanding technician, but this is not the case with our USJA JuJitsu system. USJA JuJitsu is not a personal system, it is the unique product of nearly 1,000 years of street and technical experience by more than 30 experts who have taught thousands of students the Way Of Budo. Like so many national USJA programs, our JuJitsu system is totally unique. There is no doubt that the philosophy, techniques, and organized training methods of the system represents a significant event in the history of American Budo.

Three basic premises guided the selection and development of the USJA JuJitsu techniques.

  • Each technique could be done by those without a lot of strength.
  • Each technique had to be simple to understand and apply.
  • Each technique had to be legally defensible in a court of law.

One of the most unique features to the USJA system is that it is not a static system. The techniques and rank requirements constantly undergo review and revision. The goal of the USJA system is to maintain a series of JuJitsu techniques that are applicable to today's life styles and needs, not those of 100 to 1,000 years ago.

Other unique characteristics of the USJA JuJitsu system include:

Recognition Of JuJitsu Ranks Issued By Other Organizations.  

The USJA recognizes JuJitsu ranks awarded by national and regional JuJitsu organizations accepted by the USJA National JuJitsu Steering Committee. It is important to understand that the USJA recognizes that many JuJitsuka and their Instructors may wish to continue to obtain their JuJitsu ranks from other organizations and still join the USJA to obtain the many benefits of USJA membership, such as our Comprehensive Martial Arts Insurance Program.

Registration Of JuJitsu Ranks By Current USJA Members.  

Current USJA members who wish to register their JuJitsu ranks should complete the "How To Register All Your Martial Arts (Budo) Ranks With Our Association" form (see Appendices). They must also attach to this form, a copy of their JuJitsu rank certificates and the registration fee for each separate rank being registered. A new membership card showing their JuJitsu rank and other Budo ranks (if registered) will then be issued to the member.

Registration Of JuJitsu Ranks By New USJA Members.  

Persons who wish to have their JuJitsu ranks recorded when they first join the USJA, renew their USJA membership, or become a USJA Life Member, should indicate on the USJA Membership Application (see Appendices) the JuJitsu rank that they wish to register. When the new member's computer record and file are created, the new member's JuJitsu rank will be printed on their new membership card. There is no charge for this service. A copy of the new member's JuJitsu rank certificate must be attached to the USJA Membership Application.

Issuance Of USJA JuJitsu Rank Certificates To Back Up JuJitsu Ranks Issued By Other Organizations.  

These cases are handled exactly like a promotion in USJA JuJitsu. A USJA member who holds a recognized JuJitsu rank issued by any organization other than the USJA may obtain a USJA certificate for that rank by completing the USJA Judo and JuJitsu Promotion Recommendation (see Appendices). The applicant must be examined for the USJA rank by a USJA JuJitsu Black Belt of higher rank who will sign the form and send it to the USJA for issuance of the appropriate USJA JuJitsu rank certificate. A copy of the JuJitsu rank certificate of the issuing organization must be attached to this application. The promotion fee will be the same as for all USJA Judo and JuJitsu promotions.

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