Facilities and Equipment

JuJitsu classes should be held under conditions which simulate reality as nearly as possible. If the techniques are practiced indoors, floor mats must be provided. When weather permits outdoor practice, it is desirable to conduct training on a sod ground instead of rough or hard ground. The student, under these circumstances, learns out of necessity to protect himself and is impressed with certain instructional fundamentals.

At least eight square feet of space should be provide for each pair of students. This allows room for various throws and trips. Injuries are often caused by one pair of participants falling on or over another, the result of lack of space rather than the actual technique itself. Not all techniques require the same amount of space. It is up to the instructor to determine just what the space requirements are and, if possible, to adjust the class size to the space allowed. Outdoor practice areas relieve this problem, however the instructor should watch carefully to determine the number of students he can instruct and supervise properly.

Students may wear casual attire, exercising clothing, or a judo uniform. Although there is considerable wear and tear on regular clothing it helps to simulate actual self-defense conditions.

Special equipment is necessary for some techniques. Following is the equipment needed for instruction:

  1. Rubber knives. Number should equal one-half total number in the class.
  2. Night sticks or wooden clubs. Number equal to total in class.
  3. Dummy pistols. Number equal to one-half total enrolled in class.
  4. Padding for arms, legs, face, and body may be used, but is unnecessary if safety precautions are followed.

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