Principles of Self Defense

3 A's Of Self Defense

Awareness Of your activities, what you do, when, where, etc.
Assessment Of the environment, attacker, your abilities
Attack How to retreat, de-escalate, confront assailant, defend self

4 Basic Steps In Self Defense

  • Avoid a potentially dangerous situation if possible
  • Attempt to run to safety if cover or assistance appears to be near. Do not run just to be chased and then caught while out of breath.
  • Attract attention by shouting for help (FIRE).
  • Develop and employ, when necessary, appropriate self defense techniques.

4 R's Of Self Defense

React Prior to attempting release, quickly distract by attacking vulnerable areas of the attacker.
Release The methods or techniques used to escape the hold.
Retaliate As you escape, be ready to attack vulnerable areas again.
Run Immediately run from the opponent to safety. Do not give the assailant a chance to attack or grab you again. The second attempt may be more dangerous.

4 Engagement Distances

3+ paces gun, running toward victim
2 paces stick, bat, pipe
1 pace knife, fist
Contact grabs, throws, locks, holds, chokes

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