PeopleSafe workshops
Participant fees usually range between $35 to $55 per person.

The base rate for all PeopleSafe workshops is a minimum of $300.  This rate may vary if additional costs (facility rental, licenses, local regulations, etc.) for a workshop are incurred. For safety and instructional reasons, the minimum number of participants in any PeopleSafe workshop is two.

Participants Minimum Fee
2 $150        
3 $100        
4 $75        
5 $60        
6 $50        
7 $43        
8 $38        
9 $33        
10 $30        

Dojo membership
Dojo membership allows members to participate in any of the standard classes for which they are qualified to attend. Members may also train at the Dojo during any open practice times listed on the Dojo schedule. Membership Application

Monthly Dues
Adult Membership
Unlimited classes
College Student Fee
Unlimited classes
Young Adult (Ages 12-17)
Unlimited classes
Children (Ages 7-11) 
Two times per week (see class schedule)
Family Discount 
(Two or more members: applies only to Adult, Young Adult and Children's rates)
20% from total
Discounted Monthly Dues
Military/Law Enforcement  
(with current ID;  unlimited classes)
(with current ID  unlimited classes)
Supporting Membership
(For those living a distance of 50 miles or more away. Unlimited training, no other discounts apply)
$120.00 Semi- annually
Other Fees
Dojo Annual Fee
Due upon signing up, and on the 1st of each year thereafter. Waived for if you sign up November  or December.
USJA Annual Fee
Due upon signing up, and on the anniversary month each year thereafter. 
Visiting Student Mat Fee (per day)
Introductory letters should be provided by first-time visitors from other dojos. (Not to be used on a "trial period" or "try-out" basis.)
Late Payment Fee
(Please see our Membership Fees Policy
Uniform varies
Rank testing varies
  1. Fees are non-transferable and non-refundable.
  2. Gift certificates are available. 
  3. Membership fees constitute full monthly payment; no partial payments 
  4. Active USJA, USJF, or USJI membership required for all participants including visitors.