Work Safety

  • Know where the stairwells, elevators, and exits are.
  • Don't stay in the office alone at night.
  • Don't enter a dark office.
  • Locate rooms you can run to and lock.
  • Locate phones that can be used to call for help.
  • Learn how to call for help.
  • Locate fire alarms.
  • Don't get into or exit an elevator with someone you don't trust. feel wrong about, or is lingering about.
  • Before getting into an elevator, check to see which direction it's going in.
  • When getting into an elevator, stand near the control panel where you can hit the alarm if necessary, and prevent the stop or lights button from being pushed.
  • If someone suspicious get on, press the buttons for several different floors.
  • If someone makes you nervous in an elevator, get off immediate
  • Check all lobbies and vestibules for suspicious individuals before entering.
  • Don't walk near corners, doors, etc. when alone in a building or on a floor.
  • When leaving office, check hall before locking door.
  • Don't enter a room that appears to have been broken into.

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