If You Become A Victim

If a crime has occurred Rape/Sexual Assualt


Child Abuse

Report all crimes and suspicious actions to police.

If a crime is committed, or you're faced with a criminal
 situation, Take Action. Think quickly and clearly, be a 
take charge person.

Dealing With Rape/Assault

  • Do not panic
  • Delay and stall for time
  • If a weapon is used, do as the rapist says.
  • Yell to attract attention only if there is a possibility that help is near.
  • If your life is in danger, resist no matter what.
  • Pretend to cooperate and when the rapist is preoccupied and his guard is down, attack violently.
  • Do not remove clothing, make the rapist do this. The rapist is also vulnerable when taking his own clothing off.
  • Call an ambulance.
  • Get immediate medical attention. Point out bruises, scratches or any other injuries.
  • Call the police.
  • Report the crime immediately, not an hour later, the next day, etc.
  • Write down as many details as you can as soon as you can.
  • Be prepared to discusses the details of the rapist.
  • Call a lawyer.
  • Note description.
  • Don't clean up.
  • Do not shower, bathe, douche yourself, or change, wash, or destroy any clothing worn during the attack.
  • Check other household members.
  • Check yourself for injuries.
  • Leave the scene.
  • Get counseling.
  • Contact a rape crisis center for emotional support and help.

If there is a break-in

If your home is burglarized while you're away...

  • Don't go inside if you think someone is there.
  • Call police at once from a neighbor's phone.
  • If you go inside, don't touch anything other than the phone.

If your home is burglarized while you're there...

  • Don't confront the burglar.
  • If possible, lock the bedroom door from inside.
  • Call police from your extension phone in the bedroom. If you don't have one, have one installed.

If a crime occurs

If you are held up or your purse is snatched...

  • Don't fight back except in self-defense.
  • Quickly hand over wallet or purse.
  • Notify police immediately.

If you've been swindled...

  • Report incident to police immediately. Fast action may save your money. If approached by a con person, call the police -even if you don't become a victim.
  • REMEMBER: You're in charge of your own life...
  • Be fully aware of your everyday surroundings: your home, neighborhood, and workplace.
  • Take action to reduce possible risks.

Assistance you can provide to an abused child

  • If you have an abuse problem or a history of domestic violence, get help from your local Community and Family Services.
  • If you know of child abuse or witness it, report it immediately to a child protection agency or the Police.
  • If a child needs immediate medical attention, call the police. You do not have to give your name.
  • You can also place a call (anonymously, if you wish) to your local child welfare agency.
  • Do not inform the abusive parents that you have taken action against them with the authorities.
  • Abusive parents have been known to coach a child so that when an investigator appears, everything seems quite normal.
  • Observe the child's behavior changes or avoidance of a certain person.
  • Never blame the child for what has happened as this will only serve to instill long standing feelings of guilt.
  • Get the child to talk about the abuse and assure the child that he or she has acted in the proper way. Also, assure the child that the offender's behavior will not be tolerated and that proper action will be taken against that person. Let the authorities handle the offender.
  • The child's daily routine should not be changed too much because of the incident.
  • Respect the child's privacy by not telling too many people about the incident. Check with the child first about who you will be telling, but only confide in others (that you trust) if necessary.

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