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Make checks or money orders payable to: Phil 
mail to:
521 Starmount Lane
Hendersonville, NC 28791



I Certify that I have been made aware of potential hazard involved in martial arts and training for self defense. I am physically fit and have no medical condition which would preclude me from participation in these activities. I understand that during the course of instruction, PeopleSafe Instructors and/or other members or authorized persons will be engaged in a course of conduct requiring physical contact; and I give full consent to such contact as is required by the training. The undersigned shall indemnify and same harmless PeopleSafe, its agents and employees, against all damage, loss or expense which they or any of them incur as a result of any claim or action which may at any time be made or instituted on behalf of the above named member including, without being limited to, any claim or action based upon the negligence of PeopleSafe, its agents, members or employees.

I promise to uphold the principals, ideals and regulations of PeopleSafe. I acknowledge that my membership is voluntary and subject to review by PeopleSafe

    By this check, I certify, to the best of my knowledge, that the information in this application is true and accurate.  I understand that if, upon review of this application, or anytime thereafter, it is revealed that I have made any false statements, my membership will be terminated without delay or refund. PeopleSafe reserves the right to accept or decline applicants. I understand that I must sign this application before being allowed to participate in any PeopleSafe activities.  

Further, I understand that by submitting this information via electronic transmission that I acknowledge the above statement of certification in lieu of a signature.

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