Club History

1970's Paul Storms opens a judo dojo on Central Avenue
Dojo moved to the Morehead YMCA and became the Charlotte YMCA Judo Club in Charlotte, NC
1980's Bill Smith, Nidan, becomes head coach
1981 Bill Smith resigns as head coach and is replaced by Phil Rasmussen, nidan
The club becomes a member of the USJA and is assigned the club number NC-003
1983 The YMCA dissolved all youth programs including the Judo club as a function of the Y
The club moved to Central Piedmont Community College and was renamed the CPCC/Charlotte Judo Club
1988 Phil Rasmussen is promoted to Sandan
1989? The club was renamed CPCC Judo
Phil Rasmussen is promoted to Yondan
1990? The organization of the club was restructured into two parts: Piedmont Budokan became an umbrella organization under which new clubs are formed and developed. As soon as the new clubs have 10+ members, they are broken off as desired. CPCC Judo remains under the Piedmont Budokan control.
1990 Wavey Williams is promoted to Shodan
Wavey Williams forms a club at Belmont Abbey, Belmont, NC
1992 Allan Hill is promoted to Shodan
Allan Hill breaks off from Piedmont Budokan and formes the Carolina Gymnastics and Martial Art Center in Stallings, NC
Carl Gerellie is promoted to Shodan
Phil Brier is promoted to Shodan
Carl Gerellie forms the Catawba College Judo Club in Sallisbury, NC
Phil Brier forms the UNC-Charlotte Judo Club in Charlotte, NC
Pat Szrejter (Nidan) and Allan Hill form the Matthews Judo Club
1994 Phil Rasmussen is appointed to the USJA JuJitsu Committee
1995 Phil Rasmussen is promoted to Godan
Allen Smith is promoted to Shodan
Dick Troy is promoted to Yodan
Ed Byers is promoted to Shodan
Bob Kennedy is promoted to Shodan
Mike Overman (Sankyu) takes over coaching the Carolina Gymnastics and Martial Art Center in Stallings, NC
Pat Szrejter is promoted to Godan
1996 Mike Overman is promoted to Shodan. He joined the club 14 years ago when it was still at the YMCA and he was 7 years old
1997 Sandra Hill and Tom Huemmer are promoted to Shodan
199 Phil Rasmussen is promoted to Rokudan
1999 Kip Archibaud becomes the club advisor at CPCC
2000 Ed Byers opens sister club Seven Owl Dojo
2001 The Piedmont Budokan was renamed The Budokan and moved from Charlotte, NC to Blue Ridge Community College in Hendersonville, NC. The college club name is Blue Ridge Budokan.
2009 The Budokan closed its doors and is no longer active

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