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Article I Name

This organization shall be known as the BUDOKAN JUDO CLUB. The organization will have no capital stock or shareholders and no individual may have any interest in, or compensation from its earnings, income or returns of any kind.

Article II Purposes

The purpose of this organization shall be to develop and maintain a program of activities that will develop its members and foster the growth of JUDO at BRCC and in Hendersonville-Henderson area.

Section 1. To stimulate and encourage its members to develop their physical, mental and spiritual capabilities.

Section 2. To make available to members current information about promotion requirements and contests held throughout the southeast.

Section 3. To support movements for the growth and development of Judo in North and South Carolina.

Section 4. To educate and develop its membership through programs of demonstration, lecture, workshops and workouts.

Section 5. To promote increased awareness of and appreciation for Judo as both a martial art and sport.

Section 6. To provide members an opportunity to achieve rank locally.

Section 7. To promote fellowship among its members.

Article III Membership

Section 1. Definition. Members are defined as those individuals interested in pursuing the fellowship of Judo and furthering its teachings and growth at BRCC and in North/South Carolina.

Section 2. Composition. At least 51% of the membership shall be comprise of currently enrolled BRCC students.

Section 3. Qualifications. All members shall be enrolled in one of the Judo courses offered at BRCC or be a current member of a national Judo organization. In the event that a Judo course is not offered or members are not eligible to enroll in a Judo course, members shall then be enrolled in at least one course at BRCC. Proof of enrollment or judo organization membership must be presented.

Section 4. Application. Application for membership may be made through any club member, who will refer it to the Board. All applications will be considered as approved unless applicants are notified otherwise in writing. Membership is open to any and all individuals regardless of national origin, race, creed, religion, sex or disability. Students enrolled in a Judo class are automatically members of the club and application does not have to be made.

Section 5. Termination of Membership. Members may have their membership revoked for unethical conduct as prescribed in the Kodokan's and United States Judo Association's Code of Ethics and/or BRCC's Policies and Procedures Manual. Depending on the seriousness of the unethical conduct recommendation for reduction or removal of rank by USJA or other governing bodies of the martial arts may be made by the advisor. Any and all fees, dues, etc. paid by the member will be forfeited if his/her membership is terminated due to unethical conduct.

Article IV Officers

The  Budokan Judo Club shall have an advisor who is an employee of BRCC and/or instructs Judo classes. The advisor shall provide guidance to the club's officers in the admin-istration of the  Budokan Judo Club, and advise and guide the membership in the study and promotion of Judo.

The officers of the  Budokan Judo Club shall be: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Section 1. Board of Directors. The Board of Directors will consist of the immediate past president and current officers. The board will be responsible for establishing and implementing guidelines regarding the administration of the Club and the development of the membership.

Section 2. Election. Elections shall be held annually for for all officers. The elections shall be held in the second week of October.

Section 3. Eligibility. All members are eligible to hold office providing they are enrolled students at BRCC and have a cumulative GPA of 2.8 or better or are employed by BRCC in either a full or part time capacity.

Section 4. Term of Office. The term of office for each officer is one (1) year. The term of officer shall run from 1 November to 30 October.

Section 5. Duties. Duties of the various officers shall be outlined in the By-laws.

Section 6. Impeachment. Officers of the Club may be impeached by a two-thirds majority vote of all membership of the Club. Reasons for impeachment will include violations of ethics, BRCC Policy and Procedures and gross mismanagement of the office the officer holds.

Section 7. Vacancies. In the event of a vacancy on the Board of Directors, the President, with Board approval, shall appoint a member to fill the vacancy until the next elections. Or if the presidency is vacated the Advisor will appoint a President with Board approval.

Article V Meetings

Section 1. When

A. The Club will hold meetings as required to conduct club business. This meeting can also be used to conduct special workshops, seminars or tournaments. In the event that the meeting is scheduled at the same time as a contest in either North or South Carolina, and the membership plans to attend the tournament, the meeting will be postponed to a more convenient time. If this happens the secretary will make appropriate notations.

B. Regular weekly meetings will generally be held for the purpose of practicing JUDO.

C. The annual meeting shall be the last meeting of the membership during the current year.

Section 2. Calling Special Meetings. Special meetings may be called by the president at any time and shall be called upon the request of any seven members specifying the purpose of the meeting to the president. Each member shall receive notice of such meetings and their purposes by mail at least three days prior to the meeting.

Section 3. Quorum. One-third of the voting membership shall constitute a quorum at any meeting of the Club.

Article VI Committees

Section 1. Standing committees include: Nominating Committee; Tournament Committee; Membership/Publicity Committee; Social Committee; and Advisory Board.

Section 2. Special committees shall be appointed by the Board of Directors or president as needed. These committees are short term and will not extend beyond one year.

Section 3. Each committee will be composed of a minimum of three members. Appointment of committee chairpersons is covered in the By-laws, Article IV, Section A.

Article VII Voting

Section 1. Proportion of Voters Required for Legislation. Elections will be by majority vote and by meeting the quorum requirements outlined in Article V, Section 3.

Section 2. Who Votes. All members in good standing are eligible to vote. Those members who have not paid the required dues or who's accounts are in arrears will not be allowed to vote.

Section 3. Officers. Election of officers shall take place at the annual meeting and will take office the following meeting.

Article VIII Amending Constitution

Section 1. The Constitution of this organization may be amended only at the annual meeting by a two-third majority vote of a quorum of membership present.

Section 2. The President shall receive all proposals to amend the constitution no later than September 1.

Section 3. All members will be notified of proposed amendments no later than two weeks before the annual meeting.

Section 4. Only those proposed amendments will be discussed and voted on at the annual meeting.

Article VIII Dues

Section 1. All dues and other fees will be due and payable annually from the date the member first pays his/her dues.

Section 2. All dues and other fees will be reasonable. Dues will not exceed the membership fees set forth by the USJA. Other fees collected will be costed out and any monies left over will either be turned over to the individual who paid them or placed into a scholarship account.


Article I Membership

Section 1. How to remain in good standing

Article II Dues and Fees

Section 1. As long as a member maintains student status at BRCC there are no dues or fees. However if the member is not a student or does not maintain student status he/she shall pay an annual membership fee corresponding with the annual fees of the USJA.

Section 2. The club membership fee is for membership in the USJA. A member must maintain regular USJA membership unless he/she has already become a USJA life member. If the member is already a life member of USJA, the club membership fee will be applied to the member's next higher life membership level.

Section 3. Promotion and uniform fees will be paid by the individual member as needed.

Section 4. Tournament fees and transportation costs will be paid for by the individual member.

Article III Duties of Officers

Section 1. General Responsibilities

A. All officers shall exercise the usual functions of their office as states.

B. All officers shall maintain a complete record of activities of the office which is to be filed with the Club at year end.

C. No officer shall commit the Club to any disbursements without authorization of the Board of Directors.

Section 2. Board of Directors

A. Members of the Board of Directors will consist of the immediate past president and current officers who will serve for one year.

B. The Board of Directors shall be responsible for the overall management of the affairs of the Club.

C. Interim Board vacancies shall be filled by appointment by the president, subject to Board approval.

D. The Board of Directors shall appoint annually a nominating committee of three members.

E. The Board shall cooperate fully with the United States Judo Association.

Section 3. The president shall:

A. Preside over all meeting of the Board of Directors, all regular monthly meetings of the membership and such special meetings or functions as appropriate.

B. Assisting appointment of committee chairmen and be a member ex officio of all committees except the nominating committee.

C. Call special meetings of the membership.

D. Accept reports through the vice president, secretary and treasurer.

Section 4. The vice president shall:

A. Preside at all meetings when the president is absent.

B. Have responsibility for and report directly to the president on the activities of the vice president, treasurer and secretary.

C. Operate with the guidance and approval of the Board of Directors.

D. Represent the Board of Directors at committee meetings as required.

Section 5. The secretary shall:

A. Maintain an up-to-date list of members and their addresses for the Club's files and also maintain the Club's mailing list.

B. Keep records of all business transacted at all meetings.

C. Be responsible for all correspondence of the Club.

D. Notify board members of all meetings.

E. Gather committee reports as needed.

F. Report to the president through the vice president.

Section 6. The treasurer shall:

A. Report at all monthly meeting on the current financial condition of the Club. Account to the members at the annual meeting on the financial condition of the Club for the preceding year. This will be done in the October meeting.

B. Approve all bills and vouchers for payment subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.

C. Receive, deposit and account for all Club funds.

D. Keep an itemized book of accounts according to accepted bookkeeping standards.

E. Insure that all checks issued bear the treasurer's signature.

F. Mail out notices of dues payable and assessments.

G. Secure an annual audit of the Club's books and file it with the Club's records at year end.

H. Report to the president through the vice president.

Article IV Committees

Section 1. The chairperson of all committees shall be voted on at the annual October meeting and shall hold office for one year. The chairperson of special committees shall be appointed by the president.

Section 2. Nominating Committee: The president shall appoint a Nominating Committee. They shall nominate all officers, committee chairpersons and replacements.

Section 3. Workshop Chairperson shall be responsible for all details for any workshop or seminar the Club holds.

Section 4. Tournament Chairperson shall be responsible for all details for any tournaments the Club holds. This chairperson shall hold a rank of Brown Belt or above.

Section 5. Membership/Publicity Chairperson shall be responsible for developing, implementing and maintaining membership drives, and for publicizing the Club and recognition of its members.

Section 6. Social Chairperson shall be responsible for making arrangements for socials and providing social arrangements at tournaments, seminars, workshops, etc.

Section 7. Advisory Board shall be made up of all past presidents who are currently members, being available to assist current officers and committees upon request.

Article V Order of business

Section 1. Amendment of By-laws. The By-laws of this organization may be amended at any regular meeting by a two-third majority vote of a quorum of membership present.

Article VI Parliamentary Authority

Section 1. "Roberts Rule of Order" will be used as the procedural guideline for the Club.

Article VII Dissolution

Section 1. Should the Budokan Judo Club dissolve and disband all monies that might be left in the treasury after all bills are paid shall be offered to the Student Government Association to be used toward the establishment or continuance of a scholarship fund.

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